Cecil Wilson – Toastmaster Services


Banquets and formal dinners are usually important occasions and often have distinguished and honoured guests.  Honoured guests need to be placed with care and dignity according to their rank and announced correctly.

Before the event 

Cecil will require from the organisers the following information:

•the format of the function

•a list of honoured guests including their individual titles

•top table seating arrangement

•what presentations are being made

•any speeches that are being made, when and by whom

•other specific announcements / arrangements

•a meeting with the host / organiser to agree finer details, timings etc

On the day of the event 

Cecil will undertake the following duties:

•arrive well before the function starts and liaise with the venue and other parties

•check any special arrangements are in place

•check audio system

•greet guests

•announce and escort honoured guests and the host to their places at the top table

•make all announcements as required to include Grace, Loyal Toast and all speeches

•at conclusion escort honoured guests and host from the top table

•carry out other duties as agreed


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